Transport & Traffic

  • Air Traffic Management- Systems and Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems
  • Railways and Airport Management Systems
  • Urban Traffic Systems-highways, Tunnels and Traffic Control Systems


  • Energy Generation, Distribution and Commercial Management Solutions
  • Industry Management Solution for Hotels

Public Administration

E-government is an acronym for electronic government, also known as e-gov, Internet government, digital government, online government, connected government that consists of the digital interactions between a citizens and their government, between governments and government agencies, between government and citizens. E-government is made of hardware computer infrastructure and various application software specific to various government departments. This infrastructure is what is called a data center famously known as cloud computing. Some of the benefits of cloud computing is providing computing power and storage away from your own company, organisation or government department. The 'cloud' just means a remote data centre is handling the services required rather than a local IT system. Data Center needs uninterrupted power source as backup (Diesel Electric Generator in the event of Electricity Power Grid failure) to guarantee 99.99% up time. A typical data center (cloud) is depicted below.
  • Health Management System
  • Integrated Justice Management System- Police, Judiciary & Prisons
  • Electronic Voting System
  • Electronic bill presentation i.e Cellphone and Computer
  • Electronic Vending System i.e Cellphone & POS Terminal
  • Electronic Population Register
  • Smart Card Identification
  • Driver’s license
  • Visa Management
The mobile biometric data capturing equipment suitable for rolling out Smart Card IDs in rural areas. This battery pack powered device takes pictures, finger prints and signature. It has the same functionality like the fixed device in office and can be operated online and offline.
Personalization equipment for Passports, Smart Card IDs, Visa and Driver’s license are scalable according to output required per day.