Both Private and Public sector organizations face challenges in services and products they offer to their customers and citizens respectfully because of the ever changing macro-environment. Our consulting services help our clients answer the relevant questions in the event financing is required like:
  • Is the solution affordable? Will users or the Authority, or both, pay for the solution? How will they pay (e.g. user charges, operating subsidies, public sector or grants)? Are the procurement costs significant if the solution is procured as a PPP?
  • What are the key risk factors in the solution required? What is the optimal risk allocation and risk management strategy?
  • What are the financing sources for the proposed solution? Will the solution be “bankable” (i.e. capable of raising debt finance)? Will it attract investors? Will it comply with the requisites for national public funding if government?
  • Even if the solution is affordable and bankable, does it represent value for money?
  • What will be the “balance sheet treatment” of the solution required? (i.e. the classification of the solution required as a public sector investment for the purposes of national debt and deficit under the national debt regulation)